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For Kids

Try our crossword puzzle

Find a geocache

Have fun with this modern day treasure hunt and learn a bit more about our town.

Colouring In Book

These images are the start of a colouring in book for kids. Print out each image and let the kids creatively explore Griffith with you.

Quandongs Apostle Bird

Rowing Club Goats

No Swimming No fun

Animals at the Lake

Lake Wyangan Picnic Area has both native and introduced animals. There are deer, goats, peacocks, emu, kangaroo and several varieties of cockatoos. Children just love to look at the animals and get close to those who are friendly enough to let them.
There are many picnic shelters for visitors. These all have coin operated gas BBQs. There are toilet facilites as well. Unfortunately there is no drinking water and no shop.

Bike Path to Lake Wyangan

The Lake Wyangan Bike Path stretches between the suburb of Citrus Grove and the Lakes causeway. The most popular part of the track is from the city to the village of Lake Wyangan. This off road path is suitable for cyclists of all abilities.
North of the village of Lake Wyangan, the path terminates at the causeway between the lakes. It is a further 4km to the public picnic area and is worth the trip if you haven't been to the lake before.
An alternative is to follow Boorga Road for another 200m and visit the Campbell's Swamp bird hide.

Skate Park

Griffith boasts one of the best skate parks in the Riverina. Skateboards, scooters, roller blades and bikes all use the facility to develop and show off their skills, and it's right next door to the ...

Swimming Pool

The Griffith Regional Aquatic Centre is an indoor 25m pool complex with training pool, programs pool, infants pool, spa, gym and creche. What more could you want? Refreshing in summer and a special treat in winter, the pool is a fabulous place.

Bike Track in Olympic Street

Further east along Olympic Street is another bike track. This time for younger cyclists, it has all the road signs and traffic configurations found on normal roads. This track is used to teach road safety for beginning cyclists and is hours of fun for the right age group. Combine a visit with a trip to the Sunday markets at the adjacent PCYC and everyone will be happy.

CWA Park in Banna Ave

Again, hours of fun for younger visitors. At the eastern end of the CBD is the CWA park. Filled with play equipment and a sandpit, this park is a favourite for all locals. Lunch in the park is premium time and filled with the screams of delight from the kids.

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