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What's Making News and What's Stirring the Pot

A collection of stories gathered from the internet about Griffith.

How do you take on Casella Wines?

The oversupply of Chardonnay is causing some heart burn in the wine industry and a boon for US drinkers.

The Pacific Islands Guest Worker Program

This could be a good idea if it ever got off the ground. Too much politics for me and not enough empathy for farmers or potential workers.

The Second Series of Underbelly brings about some interesting recollections

There's always more to the story than we will ever be allowed to know.

Some of us know the quality of our produce

And are waiting for others to find it. Wine reviews.

The seventies are being remembered

In Monuments to Honesty and Deceit, the Brisbane Times gives a bit of a history lesson.

Interesting stuff at Pioneer Park

Old wine pressinvites interest as a peice of historical agricultural equipment.

Transport and Logistics

You know how far Griffith is from anywhere because you have taken the time to get here. Any produce from the area has to make the same journey in reverse to get to its markets. And when there's money involved, you can bet that interest hots up. TandL News has the scoop on a blue brewing about getting Australia's most successful export product out of Yenda and on the roads.

The Great Water Debate

The debate about water and its usage is hotting up. There's still a lot of blame being bandied about as this article in The Age proclaims. I am not sure about doing the blame thing. I just want someone somewhere to make a brave decision and get on with fixing the problem.

Appreciating the Italian Heritage

A blog entry and a link from Lou Miranda Estate about celebrating Italian Heritage

Do you like traffic lights?

The question keeps raising its head. Do we get traffic lights or not? This Sydney Morning Herald article is a bit excessive in claiming that we have 23000 cars (we are only supposed to have 25000 people) but has the idea right. I cant imagine anything more silly than sitting at traffic lights with no other traffic around just because the intersection gets busy for 20 minutes a day!

Job losses as the drought impact hits

What do you do with a labour force in an industry where the harvest is expected to be less than 10% of average? Larger centres like Griffith can probably absorb their workers, but for Coleambally, the losses are devastating. And more from the Sydney Morning Herald on November 17

Flights to Melbourne

Call me cynical if you like, but recent reports that Rex airlines were considering withdrawing their newly started regular flights from Griffith to Melbourne were under threat seem to me to be a blatant attempt to generate publicity for the service.

Did anyone mention wine?

There are some wine journalists who are prepared to stick their necks out and say that Griffith has great wine.


Issues about water are hot topics. This News Ltd article about selling water allocations describes the way that some farmers can still make ends meet without a crop. The issues surrounding buying and selling water allocations will not go away, even if it rains again

And more water issues

Announcements of greater water allocations are big news, from the local newspaper.

Earthquake hits Griffith?

An earthquake measuring 2.1 on the Richter Scale was recorded north west of Griffith. Geoscience Australia are the source of the data.

You can tell me what you think are the important things.

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