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Driving Tours in and Around Griffith

The western side of the range

These drive routes will take you on tours of Griffith and surrounds and show you what a diverse place it is. These routes have all been designed by GriffithGateway.com and give you the insiders view. The Griffith Visitor's Centre also has a 'Blue Arrow' tour. You might like to pick up their brochure for a tour of the City.

A Day in the Hills drive is about 110kms and takes in Scenic Hill in the McPherson Range, The Binya Hills, and the Binya State Forest. On this drive you will see the City merge with the natural environment and pass rice frams, huge vineyards and dry area farms along the way. If you are interested in flowers and birds, this is an excellent route in spring. This drive takes in both sealed and unsealed roads, and is suitable for bicycle for fitter riders.

Other drives:

More drives to come.

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