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Cycling in and around Griffith

The Lake Wyangan Cycle Path wanders through a surviving stand of weeping myall

The new bike track to Lake Wyangan

5km to Lake Wyangan Village, another 4km to end of track. Sealed Surface.

Scenic Drive / Beelbangera

10km one way to Beelbangera
Sealed Roads (with a dirt option)

Tracks of Scenic Hill
Various km
Rough dirt surface There are fire trails and walking tracks all over the hill. Go explore. Just follow your nose and see where it takes you. Beware, the hill can be very loose and rocky.
Got your mobile? Remember 000.

There are plenty of quiet places to go for a ride

Lap of Town
24 km
Sealed Roads

Gum Creek Rd
Sealed road

The Sub-Station Loop
Sealed Roads
A scenic loop through the farms east of town.

Roads We Recommend You Avoid

Yenda via Bilbul Rd (The Burley Griffin Way to Temora & Sydney)
This road takes fast and heavy traffic. It is wide and well maintained for motorists but has no facilities for cyclists. Okay on a quiet Sunday morning. Alternative : Beelbangera to Yenda Rd is not so busy, or you can get to Yenda off-road if you are keen. Start along Macedone Rd and take to the dirt (which will be mud after rain).

Hanwood Rd or Darlington Point Rd (The Kidman Way to Jerilderie and Melbourne)
As above but worse. Alternatives : Sidlow Rd / Old Willbriggie Rd / Walla Ave and Gum Creek Rd for the adventurous.

Wakaden St
The middle section of Wakaden St is busy and narrow with bulk parked cars, but you can easily avoid it by detouring one block north to the very quiet Binya St

Railway St
Newly re-constructed and woefully narrow, it is not even wide enough for motorists to feel comfortable, let alone cyclists. Use Banna Ave instead.

Yambil St
A busy bypass of the main street. Too many parked cars. Use Banna Ave instead, or even Canal St

Bridge Rd
Rough and narrow with heavy traffic. Try Banna Ave.

Macarthur St
Not a suicide route, but too narrow. Use Illilliwa St / Carrathool St instead.

Mackay Ave
The main outlet from town to the east. Good road and plenty of space to widen, so why is there no cyclist lanes? Alternative : There is none, but try Oakes Rd if you are coming from that direction

Some general tips:

Expect to find dirt roads. You don't have to go far out of the city to find dirt roads. Don't be afraid of them. Most are in good condition and will save you from the dreaded 'out and back' route. Traffic is usually fairly considerate of cyclists.

Beware of the dreaded Cat-head. Latin name = tribulus terrestris. This grows in summer on roadside verges and land that is degraded. The seed is the bane of all cyclists and the friend of the tube manufacturers. These seeds are woody and have sharp needles about 5mm long. They are common on the roads especially during grape harvest. The plant will grow freely among the grape vines, and the trucks and trailers used to carry the grapes to the wineries will bring them out on to the road. Ride a metre in from the left hand side of the road where the car tyres pick them up and leave the road clear for you.

Other ways to minimise your risk is to use the puncture proof goo available from bike shops or to use the thicker tubes.

Griffith can get very hot. Always carry enough water, money for a drink and your mobile phone.

The other rides:

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