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About GriffithGateway.com

Zoomin' down the Lake Wyangan Cycling Track

GriffithGateway.com was born out of asking one question. Why should I go to Griffith?

As seasoned travellers ourselves, we research our route to determine where we will go. We are particularly interested in cycling, walking, birds. And we want to know more about a town. We like to spend time in a place and get a feel for why people live there. The more information we can get, the more likely we were to visit and stay. So, who was offering that information for the City that we live in? Yes, there's lots about the food and wine experience. But Griffith is a long way from anywhere. If you are going there, you want to make the trip worthwhile. So what else is there to do in Griffith? What do the 25,000 inhabitants do to make a life for themselves? Why do they stay? What is special about Griffith? We couldn't find all that information in one place and we thought that someone ought to do soemthing about that. And you know what happens when you start saying "someone ought to do something about that"? Usually that someone is you. So here we are.

You can think of this site as a local tourism initiative. It is put together by Griffith locals.

We started this site in January 2007 and have lots of plans to add to the site. How do you think we are going? We are interested in your feedback. We want to know what you found useful and what you found on your visit that we can add here.

You can help us to promote GriffithGateway.com. You can

The image in the heading of every page is of the Quandong. Santalum acuminatum and, according the Cunningham et al in PLants of Western NSW, "common as scattered individuals or in small groups containing numerous plants... Although quite edible when ripe, the flesh of the fruit is rather tart; it is often stewed with added sugar and makes very acceptable pies, jellies and jams; the flesh can also be dried and stored for future use. The fruits were a usedful source of food for aborigines and early settlers and the stones were used as marbles in games such as chinese checkers; they are also made into necklaces and ornaments."

You can get in touch with us through the email addresses listed on each page or you can use snail mail to PO Box 1938 Griffith 2680.

We appreciate all efforts to provide feedback.

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© 2007. If you wish to use any part of the material from this site please Ask me.